Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoom Zoom

We are currently in an age where technology is increasing at a rate not see at anytime in our history.  I have seen first hand some of the advances in the medical field in the areas treating cancer, and I now know much more than I ever wanted to know.  

This winter I saw an ad in the newspaper about a Cannon digital camera with a 35 times optical power zoom lens.  Folks, that's like having a lens that goes from 24 mm to 850 mm.   My current camera has a 15 x power zoom and it is only 3 years old.

I went on line and did some research and finally had to stop because I kept drooling on myself.  I mentioned to Jeri how great a camera this appeared to be and she, in her much to practical way and few words, basically said that I had a perfectly good camera and didn't need a new one.  So I decided to wait until we were on the same thinking page together.   

Cows in pasture.  Yea, hard to see from front porch.
So in the mean time, Dad passes away and leaves us some insurance money.  I say to Jeri "You know what?   Dad just brought me a father's day gift" and proceeded to order the camera on line because no one had it in stock due to all the problems in Japan with the earth quake, tsunami, radiation, you name it.  So much for the same page thing.
Oh, there they are, still taken from the front porch. had this for $399 with free shipping, and I had a gift certificate, so I proceeded to order it.  Unfortunately, they failed to mention that it did not come with a memory card, so I had to go to the local Wally world and pick one up.  This memory card, no bigger than a 50 cent piece, is 16 GB and will hold 4,747  8 mega pixel size pictures or 240 minutes of HD video.  That is crazy stuff!  It only cost me the price of a cheap round of golf. 

After returning home, I decided to try this sucker out by taking some local pictures from my front porch.  It's approximately 200 yards (measured by golf shot with a 3 wood) from the porch to the county road.  In the first picture you may barely be able to see some black spots down there, but with the zoom lens, cattle show right up.

Yep, there's another one.
I have two neighbors that I can see from our place, one a quarter of a mile north of us, the other (well, only a neighbor if you count an empty house for the last 35 years) is a half mile west of us. Yes, they water and mow the lawn, and why is unknown. 

This is my neighbor to the north.  You can't see it but there is a John Deer tractor behind and to the right of their house.  In the bottom photo you can clearly see it.  Picture still taken from my front porch.  This may make them a tad nervous but I promise I won't be taking any more.                          

The empty house to the west of us is a half mile away and you can barely see it in the center of the picture on the right.  

Now, I ask you, why would someone leave a gate to a sidewalk when there is no fence on either side?  I didn't know this until I took this photo.  You can't see it from the road.  


There are some flowers at the base of the tree
in this picture.  In the next picture are the flowers.

  I am looking forward to the weather turning to something other than cold and rainy (yes, it has rained over another inch in the last two days since I posted my other blog, and the valley water level is again on the rise) and I can start taking pictures of wild life.  Ducks and Geese have found this valley to be a water paradise.  Glad someone is enjoying it.