Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I see on my walk

My sister, Sharon, and Jeri walking the dogs, standing by a Century plant.

This is mostly going to be pictures with little dialogue.  After viewing these you may think I have way to much time on my hands but I enjoy taking pictures.  We have been staying at my sister and brother-in-laws place in a gated community, which makes walking a real pleasure as there is little if any traffic and a walk around the circumference involves 2.5 miles, a little over 3 if I include going to the mail box.

Engraved Marble
I first started noticing that there were many varied and interesting ways of posting one's address; some are simple and some elaborate. What I have compiled here is a pictorial view of my daily walk.                                                      
Haven't been able to contact owner to find out what this is. 
Cast bronze
This was abandoned at least 5 years ago.  Why??
Nice metal sign attached to a cheap piece of plywood.  
Typical Hawaiian lava rock wall.  Many  houses use these to fence property and build retaining walls. 

Cement is in between the outside and inside edges of the wall.
Now here is a patriotic address one would love to have.
Stained glass.
Not to neighbor friendly, and in a gated community no less
Probably cast aluminum.
Back lit sign in cheap plastic frame. 
Plantation style home with Lanai all the way around the house. 
Male turkey power flexing for 3 hens  hideing in the brush