Monday, March 26, 2012

Birds and creatures

Gray Francolin, a type of partridge.
Saffron Finch
There are a variety of birds and other creatures here on the island that are different than what I am use to on the mainland and some that are common to both.  Over the past three months I have been able to capture some with the camera and would like to share them with you.  Some were taken at my brother-in-law and sister's place and some at our house. 

We stayed the month of January and half of February at my sister's place in the Puu Lani Ranch area.  These two showed up every morning and apparently are a mating pair.  They always stayed together.

Saffron Finch

Black Crowned Night Heron
This Hereon was eyeballing some gold fish in a pond at the Queen's Market place at Waikaloa Beach where we attended a Hawaiian music concert.  He was not the least bit concerned about all the people around him, but very focused on those fish. 

Rio Grande Turkey
Wild Turkeys are quite prevalent on the island, which surprised me.  They are common in many areas in Oregon as they are in many States, but I didn't expect to see them here.  This male was strutting for all he was worth for three hens hidden in the brush.

This dude is in our back yard and is huge, about 6 inches across.  I tried to put my hand on the other side of the web to give perspective on his size but every time I did he would scamper off.  He is VERY quick; scared the day lights out of me the first time he moved.  The web stretches some four feet between plants.  We have learned to take a stick with us when doing yard work to knock down webs that are everywhere.  Most of the other spiders are normal size. 

Banana Spider with Wasp for a late snack.
These Banana Spiders are fairly common on the Big Island and are not poisonous.  They do bite and is equivalent to a wasp sting.  They are lightning quick!

Rosy Finch
We have about 4 of these geckos running around and are fun to watch.  Not sure what all they eat but I'm hoping it is ants.  The island is a giant ant hill.

Java Sparrow

Jeri and I decided that we needed to have a bird feeder to attract more birds to the yard.  We would occasionally see some but they wouldn't hang around for long.  Well, we found out that the communication system for birds is fantastic because with in 30 minutes or so of hanging the feeder there were 40 or 50 birds around and on the ground below it.  They cleaned that feeder out within a day. 

These little guys were visiting our water fountain and/or bird bath.

Lots of Java Sparrows waiting for the feeder to fill.

These are all waiting for the feeder to be refilled.

Spotted Dove
There are lots of Morning and Spotted Doves over here, which again I didn't expect.  They are ground feeders so they pick up off the ground the seed the other birds knock out of the feeder.

Doves ground feeding

Northern Cardinal
This red Cardinal only comes around in the mornings and doesn't stay very long.  It took me quite a while to get it's picture because it would not stay in one place more than a few seconds, just bouncing around all over the place.  Maybe it's a she and her name is Nervous Nellie.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the true picture of what is really here.  With this large web are four smaller ones, and were all visible in the sunlight and was really a beautiful sight.  Just not going to garden in that area. 

This is a Jackson's Chameleon.  The picture was taken by my sister, Sharon, in her front yard at the Puu Lani Ranch area.