Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back home in Oregon

We have been back in Oregon  for a month and have enjoyed being where it is green, there are an abundance of pine trees, the Elk are calving and the owls have hatched and are growing.  The young owls are what I want mostly to share with you in this brief blog.

There are two siblings that tend to stay together.  They are Great Horned Owls and definitely have different personalities.  One could care less if you are around, the other will tolerate you in it's area just so long and then will fly a short distance away.

 This was taken a few weeks ago when we discovered them on the ground.  They apparently were experimenting with flying because they would hop and fly short distances.
It is always exciting to see the Elk in the spring.  The calves are still kept hidden in the woods behind our house.

And we are privilaged to see the moon here at 6 in the morning in a way that we don't get to see in Hawaii because of Mt. Mauna Kea.