Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wild life

Two evenings ago we were treated to a White Tail Doe that has twin fawns.  The lighting was low but I was able to get some decent photos.  The pasture had just been cut for hay that afternoon and the fawns were out running around like rabbits enjoying the short grass. 

Then this morning Jeri wakes me at 6 am and says "Quick, come see what is sitting on the post just outside the trailer!"  The two young owls that I posted earlier have grown up and are now hunting.  With the grass mowed the field mice and gophers are now readily accessible to the owls.  I took these pictures from inside the trailer through the dinning room slide window.  I knew if I tried to open the door they would fly off.  

Mom or dad watching and waiting.
And this, folks, is one of the reasons why we will continue to return to Eastern Oregon and will treasure times like this as gifts from God.  We were able to watch these two for over an hour

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